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miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

La Evolucion de los Ordenadores Apple ---- Evolution Apple Computers

25 primeras unidades que Steve Jobs y Steve Wozniak crearon en 1976.
evolution_apple_computers_01-1976 - Apple I
 evolution_apple_computers_02-1977 - Apple II  Disk II
evolution_apple_computers_03-1979  - Apple II Plus
evolution_apple_computers_04-1980 - Apple III
evolution_apple_computers_05-1983 - Lisa
evolution_apple_computers_06-1983 - Lisa
evolution_apple_computers_07-1983 - Apple Mouse
evolution_apple_computers_08-1984 - Apple IIC
evolution_apple_computers_09-1984 - Macintosh
evolution_apple_computers_10-1985 - Macintosh XL
evolution_apple_computers_11-1986 - Macintosh Plus
evolution_apple_computers_12-1987 - Macintosh SE
evolution_apple_computers_13-1987 - Apple Newton next to an iPhone
evolution_apple_computers_14-1988 - Apple IIc Plus
evolution_apple_computers_15 1988 - Macintosh IIx
evolution_apple_computers_16  1989 - Macintosh SE-30
evolution_apple_computers_16  1989 se30
evolution_apple_computers_17 1989 - Macintosh portable
evolution_apple_computers_18 1990 - Macintosh IIfx
evolution_apple_computers_19  1991 - Macintosh PowerBook 140
evolution_apple_computers_20  1993 - Macintosh LC 575
evolution_apple_computers_21-1995 - PowerBook 5300
evolution_apple_computers_21 1995 - PowerBook 5300
evolution_apple_computers_22 1996 - Power Macintosh 7220
evolution_apple_computers_23 1997 - 20th Anniversary Macintosh
evolution_apple_computers_241998 - iMac G3
evolution_apple_computers_251999 - Power Macintosh G3
evolution_apple_computers_261999 - iBook
evolution_apple_computers_272000 - Power Mac 4G Cube
evolution_apple_computers_282001 - the first iPod
evolution_apple_computers_292001 - PowerBook G4
evolution_apple_computers_302002 - iMac G4
evolution_apple_computers_32 2003 - PowerMac G5
evolution_apple_computers_33  2004 - iMac G5
evolution_apple_computers_34 2004 - iPod mini
evolution_apple_computers_35  2005 - iPod nano
evolution_apple_computers_36  2005 - iPod shuffle
evolution_apple_computers_37   2005 Mac Mini
evolution_apple_computers_38  2006 - MacBook Pro
evolution_apple_computers_39  2007 - the first iPhone
evolution_apple_computers_40  2007 - Apple TV        

evolution_apple_computers_41 2007 - iPod Touch
evolution_apple_computers_42  2008 - MacBook Air

evolution_apple_computers_432010 - iPad
evolution_apple_computers_44  2010 - iPhone 4
evolution_apple_computers_45  2007 - iMac

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Seal befriends woman sitting on the beach

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

The Big Gate Road O La Carretera de las 99 Curvas

The Big Gate Road, Tianmen Mountain - The Heaven Linking Road, China The Big Gate Road also known as heaven linking road, located in the National Park of Tianmenshan, in the Hunan province of China. The "Heaven linking road" rather this is most dangerous road in China. It starts south of Zhangjiajie city 200 meters above sea level and rises to 1,300 meters, with 99 blind turns, Sure, this increases the chances that you might end up in heaven in your car. It is little wonder then that the road which was started in 1998 took eight years to complete. Its twists and turns are certainly not for the faint hearted. The road climbs Tianmen Mountain just south of Zhangjiajie City (which was previously called Dayong) is very much the must see scenic area in Hunan.

It is also called the road of 99 turns – nine is a lucky number in China as it symbolizes that heaven has nine palaces. If the road is a little too scary for you, there is an alternative. A cable car goes from of Zhangjiajie City to the top of Tianmen Mountain. Sounds like out of the frying pan and in to the fire – the cable-way is 7455 meters in length making it, so the Chinese claim, the longest in the world.

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